A biting choice indeed!

As we grow older, many of our faculties come under strain. We tend to lose our eyesight, our hearing is sometimes impaired, and we even have difficulty with our teeth — losing them to decay or old age. For patients considering dentures or dental implants in El Dorado Hills, taking that step means making some difficult choices if you want to maintain your dental health and restore your smile.

Like any medical decision, the decision to move forward with dentures or dental implants is best made earlier on in life. While you still have some healthy teeth surrounding the lost or decaying tooth, dentures might be a great option to consider. By making this choice earlier on in life, not only do you offer the surgeon an opportunity to use some of your healthy teeth to serve as anchors for your dentures, but a procedure done earlier on will also help save those healthy teeth in the process. That’s because, if left alone, the surviving healthy teeth will come under extra stress and strain, and could eventually require dental attention themselves.

For patients who have a large number of teeth that need replacing, or for those that may have lost all of their teeth — either over time or through accidents or falls — a great option to consider is dental implants. There are several reasons why dental professionals favor implants. Foremost of course is the fact that they offer a more permanent and robust way to replace lost or decaying teeth. They are also a great way for patients to regain normal talking, biting, chewing and munching functionality without turning to dentures or bridges. Some patients consider this a huge plus when making their decisions.

Patients seeking dental implants in El Dorado Hills no longer need to schedule weeks or months of dental attention. With today’s dental technologies to aid them, dental practitioners are often done installing your implants in no more than two sessions. In some cases there may be a third visit necessary, and this is basically done to ensure the implants fit well or to check if there is a need for minor adjustments.

At the end of the treatment, you will have an aesthetically pleasing set of teeth that should bond well not only with you existing bone but should also blend well with your existing teeth. As a matter of fact, even close scrutiny won’t be able to reveal the difference between implants and your real teeth. That’s because the surgeons use state-of-the-art technology, techniques and materials to ensure that the color and texture of the implants match well with existing color and texture of the original set of teeth. No one is likely to discover that you underwent such dental procedure unless, of course, you voluntarily give the information.

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dental implants El Dorado Hills

dental implants El Dorado Hills