A Basic Dentist Jackson MO Visit Explained

by | May 29, 2013 | General

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Proper oral care is just as important as traditional medical care. Doctors have found that oral problems can be directly associated with other health problems, including heart disease. To be as healthy as possible a person should have regular Dentist Jackson MO visits just as they would have routine health checkups with a medical doctor.

The dentist will start out by having a new patient fill out an application for services. The office’s privacy policy will be included. Insurance information, contact information, and medical history will all need to be entered in on the forms. Once that part is completed, and the insurance has been verified if it applies, an assistant will take oral x-rays of the patient’s mouth. They do not hurt and are usually taken right in a chair. The assistant will use an x-ray machine that resembles a high tech laser gun, and position it around the mouth as needed until all of the teeth have been x-rayed.

Next the Dentists in Jackson will look at the x-rays and an assistant will do a thorough cleaning. The assistant will visually inspect the patient’s mouth for lacerations, sores, cracked teeth, cavities, and signs of oral problems. They will wear a face mask and gloves, for their protection and the patient’s protection, and get the mouth as clean as possible. Any food and residue will be removed from the teeth, as well as built up plaque.

When the dentist comes in, they will go over the current condition of your mouth, and let you know if you have any cavities or issues. Things like teeth whitening and teeth implants can be explained, but people with healthy mouths and teeth do not normally need these services. Any cavities will be fixed. Other services that may be offered include root canals, bridges, fillings, or crowns. It will all depend on the condition of the teeth, roots, and gums. The dentist or assistant will usually explain proper mouth care, and send you on your way.

Traditionally cleanings and exams should be scheduled every six months. Do not be shy about making an appointment before then if you are having other oral issues.

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