A Bail Bond Agency in Greene County, NY Helps Defendants Who Are in Financial Crisis

The U.S. economy appears to be booming, but many of the nation’s residents are in financial crisis. If one of them is arrested, they may have no way to pay even a relatively small amount of cash bail. These people must rely on a relative or close friend to contact a bail bond agency in Greene County, NY and arrange for pretrial release.

Financial Struggles

People who are struggling financially may live paycheck to paycheck and sometimes might be without a job. Many people work a full-time job and a part-time one just to pay the bills and put food on the table. They may have to work in low-paying retail positions for minimum wage or just a little more. If arrested, even $1,000 cash bail is far out of reach when they can barely pay their essential bills.

Not Convicted of a Crime

These individuals have not been convicted of a crime. They may be innocent, but they still have to stay in jail if they cannot pay for bail. Many of these defendants have been charged with offenses that are not violent or high-level felonies. Commonly, the charge of the possession of an illegal drug in an amount for personal use. Other common nonviolent offenses include theft of various types.

Returning to Freedom

Once a defendant has been released with the help of a bail bond agency in Greene County, NY, they are now better able to find a defense lawyer who is a good match for the case. The defendant can do research online about how lawyers approach these kinds of cases. Returning to work allows this person to continue paying bills on time and preventing further hardship for the family.

An Ongoing Financial Crisis

While scholars write treatises on how to prepare for the next recession and financial crisis, many U.S. residents are living it right now. They see their middle-class counterparts pay cash bail and gain quick release from jail even after being charged with a violent crime like assault. Fortunately, they have the option of doing business with an organization like contact Business Name.

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