5 Ways To Improve Your St. Paul Website Design

Keeping up with the latest in St. Paul website design is a part of doing business today. While there are some companies out there without a website, or a social media presence, they are companies with a very niche customer base or companies not interested in growing and expanding.

If your current St. Paul website design is more than a few years old, you may want to take a closer look. Older styles of website may quickly fall down on search engine rankings as they aren’t going to fit the algorithms Google and other search engines are using.

When reading the existing website and evaluating the current St. Paul website design consider the following. Also look carefully for old technology on the site which is slowing down the loading speed or simply not displaying anymore.

Organize and Structure

A clear organization and structure to the site which is logical, user-friendly and intuitive to use is essential in today’s St. Paul website design styles. If customers can’t find what they are looking for in one or perhaps two clicks they are going to move on to the next URL in the search engine results.

Remove Content Overload

Older styles of websites tended to have lots of content as keyword density was an important consideration in SEO. Professionals working in St. Paul website design will quickly explain all the content is now a problem and is having a negative impact on SEO.

Instead bullets, videos, audio information and limited, highly relevant content is what is needed.

Clean Up Images

Blurry, fuzzy, distorted and grainy looking images on a website are a big problem. Consumers today expect to see crystal clear images of products to identify quickly what they are looking for on the page.

Use White Space

Too much stuff is another common problem with St. Paul website design, especially when the website was a do-it-yourself project. Look to see if the website is eye-appealing or cluttered and overcrowded. Getting rid of multiple fonts, distracting background colors and multiple text and multimedia boxes gives a more professional look.

Is it Really Relevant?

You may be surprised to find just how out of date a lot of the stuff may be on the current St. Paul website design. Blogs may be out of date with no new posts or the content and information may be obsolete.

A company offering St. Paul website design services can evaluate the current website. They can provide suggestions and a quote to bring the website up to speed and get it back to a top position with the search engine rankings.

For existing sites our St. Paul website design service can provide a full review and evaluation. To learn more about our services go to Website url

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