5 Reasons an LED Dog Collar is Necessary for You and Your Pet

Every dog needs a collar.  It provides a place to hang identification, license and rabies tags.  Collars are also essential for the use of a leash and play a huge role in training your pet.  There are special collars available that go above and beyond the common uses for a collar. One such collar that every dog owner should have is an LED dog collar.

  1.  It is nice and sometimes unavoidable to take your dog for a walk at night. Even if you are very familiar with your neighborhood or the track where you are walking your dog, the lack of light can make potential dangers hard to see and avoid.  An LED dog collar illuminates your path and allows you to see uneven sidewalks and other hazards such as broken glass along the road.
  2.  Driving at night is difficult.  Our eyes have a hard time adjusting to quick variances in lighting and light ‘halos’ often make it hard to see for people of all ages.  Give motorists the best chance possible to see you and your pet with an LED dog collar. The collar is bright enough to let oncoming traffic know you are there.
  3.  Regardless of whether you live in the city, suburbs or even the country, people are out there who might cause you harm.  If your dog is not of the intimidating variety, a lighted path might be enough to discourage someone from attacking you.
  4.  It seems the moments you really need a flashlight, you cannot find one anywhere.  When the power goes out during a storm and you need a flashlight to get down the stairs, just call over you pooch who is outfitted with a convenient LED dog collar.  It works better than most regular flashlights anyways!
  5.  When your dog is out and about at night, a lighted collar makes it easy to spot them when running through the yard.  Especially for those who have a big yard or even a farm, the collar makes it easy to find your dog.  It also helps to make sure a hunter doesn’t mistake your dog for a deer.