4 Ways Precision CNC Machining Benefits OEMs

As an OEM, finding the right option in the manufacturing of parts and components is always important. For machines and systems, and particularly for linear motion components, creating precision parts provides several advantages, even in industries where specific standards are not required.
The choice to use precision CNC machining is not just for certain industries. In fact, there are many advantages to this option in outsourcing the production of parts that benefit any company. For linear motion products including lead screws, ball screws and full assemblies, this choice is critical.

Outsourcing for Materials and Equipment

By using outsourced precision CNC machining services, an OEM has the advantage of producing parts using the latest in state-of-the-art equipment. Advanced types of CNC multi-axis machining centers can create complex parts on a single piece of equipment, reducing costs, speeding up production and even assisting in reducing turnaround times on orders.

Design Expertise

Services offering precision machining using CNC equipment typically have engineers on staff to review the CAD/CAM drawings. These contract manufacturing services identify any possible issues in the design, helping OEMs in choosing the least costly and most effective production methods and design.

Less Waste

Through precision CNC machining, there is less waste during the manufacturing process. Less waste means a lower overall cost to the OEM. Additionally, companies offering precision machining use quality control measures throughout production, meaning highly dependable processes that are designed to meet specific industry or customer tolerances.

Better Branding

Precision parts mean less wear and tear, which is critical in linear motion parts and components. When ball screws and lead screws and assemblies are correctly designed and produced, they have a significantly longer life cycle with less risk of failure. This, in turn, means better branding for the OEM, earning the company a solid reputation for reliable, dependable equipment, machines, and systems.

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