4 Times Anyone Should Contact Accident Injury Lawyers in Dayton OH

Many people have watched commercials for accident attorneys, yet when they are involved in a car accident, they aren’t sure if they should contact an attorney for help or just work with the insurance company for a settlement. Most car accidents are easy for a person to handle on their own. However, there are four times when a person will want to consider contacting one of the Accident Injury Lawyers in Dayton OH for help.

When the Insurance Company Claims, They’re At Fault

If the driver was not at fault, but the at-fault person’s insurance company refuses to pay by stating they were at fault, it’s often a good idea to hire a lawyer. The lawyer can help the person prove they were not at fault so they can receive compensation for the accident.

When the Person is Seriously or Permanently Injured

If the person is seriously injured, it’s often a good idea to have a lawyer handle the case so they can focus on their recovery and avoid settling for much less than the case is worth. If they’re permanently injured, they might want to contact a lawyer to ensure the settlement includes money to cover future medical expenses.

When the Accident Involves Multiple Vehicles

If the accident involves multiple vehicles and it’s difficult to tell who is liable for the accident, a lawyer can help review the evidence and show their client was not the one at fault. They can also help determine who was at fault, so the injured person knows who’s insurance company to contact for compensation.

When the At-fault Driver Doesn’t Have Insurance

If the at-fault driver doesn’t have insurance, or doesn’t have adequate insurance, it can be difficult for the injured person to obtain compensation. A lawyer can help them learn about their options and help them file a claim against the at-fault driver to try to obtain compensation even if there isn’t an insurance company involved.

These are four occasions when it’s better for a person to contact one of the Accident Injury Lawyers in Dayton OH for help dealing with their car accident claim. If a person isn’t sure if their case requires the help of a lawyer, they can always visit TSMS Law for more information or to set up a consultation to learn more about their own case.

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