4 Things To Remember About Buying Replacement Windows

The U.S. Department of Energy says your windows account for about 10 percent to 25 percent of your heating bill—more, if your windows let a lot of the heat out. Old windows, for one, are notorious for air leaks. So if you see your energy bills on a steady rise, you might want to check on your windows. If you’ve got an air leak, installing new ones is a wise and prudent choice. Be sure to:

Choose windows with insulation qualities
That way, when the weather turns cold, your windows can keep the heat inside your home longer, helping you keep your energy costs down. And when the weather turns hot and muggy, those windows are going to keep your home cool, protected from the heat outside.

Have it installed by pros
Bad installation can cause air leaks and lead to higher energy bills. Also, improper installation could damage your windows and if worse comes to worst, it could even void your warranty. So call over a pro to help you out. Pros follow instructions to a tee. They also have the technical proficiency to get the job done fast and right. With an expert, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you and your windows are in good hands.

Consider long-term benefits
It might cost more to invest in windows with insulation, impact-resistant glass as well as energy-saving features but you’ll have the best pay-off in the long run. So don’t base your buying decision on cost alone. Consider the long-term benefits you’ll be getting instead. Invest in great-quality replacement windows and you’ll be reaping the rewards for decades to come.

Take your time
Windows don’t come in a one-size-fits-all package. So go over your options carefully. Never rush or upgrade your windows for the short-term. Make your move only when you’ve explored all the options available to you.

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