4 Signs You Need New Brakes in Palm Harbor, FL

You rely on your car to get your around town to do the things you need to do in life. If your car has a problem, you have a problem. Here are 4 signs you need auto brake service in Palm Harbor, FL.

1. Not Responsive

One of the most obvious signs that you need new brakes is when they aren’t working anymore. If they have stopped being as sensitive as they used to be or stopped working all together, it’s time to get new brakes. At this point, it’s a safety concern.

2. Weird Noises

If you hear weird noises when you brake, that probably means that you have worn the brake pads down to the point of not return. This generally means that the brakes are pressing down on the actual rotors themselves instead of the protective pads.

3. Pulling

When you brake, you should continue to drive straight. If you pull, it could be a sign that your brakes aren’t even. This could turn into a serious problem if it causes you to accidentally go into the other lane.

4. Vibration

Sometimes you don’t hear anything when your brakes are failing. Sometimes you feel something. The rotors being warped can make your car vibrate when you press down on the brakes.

Contact Teddy Bear’s Auto Parts & Salvage Inc. if you think you need auto brake service Palm Harbor, FL. When your car isn’t doing well, you’re not doing well.

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