4 Reasons To Use The Best Double Hung Windows In San Diego, CA

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Doors & Windows

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When looking to have a more energy efficient home, look no further then your current windows. If your windows are more then 10 years old, are single paned, or made out of vinyl, then you should consider replacing them. There are 4 reasons why the best double hung windows San Diego, CA can help you improve the efficiency in your home and save you money on utilities while increasing the value of your home.

First, old windows let in a lot of hot air during the summer and cold air during the winter. If you have seen a gradual increase in your heating and air conditioning bills without making adjustments to your normal temperature settings this is a clear indication that the outside air is finding a way into the home. New windows insulate against this.

Secondly, getting the right windows will cut down dramatically, over 95% to be exact, on the amount of ultraviolet rays that are coming through your windows. Replacement windows have a Low-E feature, or low emissivity, that will cut down on the damaging rays that come through the window and add extra heat in the summer. How much Low-E you want to have in your windows will change the price of the window, but most windows today come standard with a Low-E feature that is guaranteed to increase your home energy efficiency.

Another reason to invest in double hung windows San Diego, CA is that it will reduce the noise level from outside the house. Single pane windows that let in a lot of outside air will also let in outside noise. From low noise, virtually no maintenance, and an added curb appeal, new windows add an aesthetic touch that makes your home more attractive.

Lastly, another point to consider when contemplating putting in new windows is that it will increase the security in the home. Old vinyl windows are easy targets for criminals that know how to push the old pane right out. Double pane windows are not as easily penetrable. In a nutshell, adding new windows to your home will increase efficiency, decrease ultraviolet rays, add curb appeal and increase the security level in your home. Visit the website for more information about double hung windows.

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