3D Printing Benefits Product Prototype Design

The use of 3D printers for product prototype designing has become more integral to the process over the last few years in San Antonio, TX. Most prototype designers have already integrated 3D printing into the process. There are many benefits to using this modern technology in the process of product prototype designing. Here are the top four advantages.

1.Reducing Costs – Using a 3D printer lets designers create prototypes in a matter of hours, saving a bundle on outsourcing, which can take days and is costly. Even the smallest change in the design can lead to more costs. A 3D printer allows creators to make numerous versions at a fraction of the cost.

2.Rapid Prototyping – In the pre-manufacturing phase, 3D prototype design helps businesses manufacture products faster and get them on the market sooner.

3.Reduce Risks – Using 3D printers in the designing process allows designers to test the product and identify possible future problems with the design or manufacturing process. A 3D printer provides a real-life version of a product, which can be studied, improved and optimized, significantly reducing risks by testing the design before making further investments. Prototyping is done in-house, which minimizes the risk of an idea leak or violation of intellectual property.

4.Real-Life Perspectives – Drawings, blueprints, and digital 3D models are part of the process of product prototype designing. These cannot emulate the real-life perspective a 3D printed part can provide. Using 3D printed models provides a way to incorporate the human factor into the product design. The process produces more strategic opportunities in the product design process and is helpful for creating, presenting and pitching new product design ideas, which allow for more business opportunities on numerous levels.

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