3 Tips for Preserving a Historic Building in Philadelphia, PA

The demand for new residential and commercial construction means that Philadelphia is losing many of its historic buildings. If you are considering saving one of these magnificent sites, the project will need to meet some very specific requirements. Here are three tips for historic building preservation in Philadelphia, PA.

Choose Your Building

The city maintains records of buildings that have been deemed as historically significant. You can begin your search there, or you can nominate your favorite building to the Historical Commission to be included in the registry. Once a building is protected under the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places, it cannot be removed, so make sure that you absolutely love the building and the restoration project.

Understand the Requirements for Restoring a Historic Building

Once you choose to take on the project of restoring a historic building in Philadelphia, make sure that you understand the requirements of the project. Work with the Historical Commission to learn what aspects of the building need to be preserved and what can be updated. You may need to preserve aspects on the interior and exterior of the building.

Work with Experienced Restoration Contractors

Once the planning stages are complete, carefully choose a company to help you with the restoration process. You want to work with contractors who understand historic building preservation in Philadelphia, PA and have the expertise to fulfill the necessary steps while sticking to a budget and timeline.

Learn More About Historic Building Preservation in Philadelphia, PA

Mara Restoration specializes in the preservation of historical buildings in Philadelphia. Get in touch with them to discuss your project.

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