3 Things to Try Before You Look for Plumbers in Marietta

Indoor plumbing is marvelous, but it isn’t perfect. Everyone experiences problems with their toilets, sinks, tubs, and drains. Before you start looking for a plumber, however, read on to see if these common plumbing problems are easy DIY projects.

Unclogging a Toilet

A plunger is often the only tool needed to remove clogs, but what if all that pushing and heaving is still resulting in a blocked drain or a rough flush? Buying a plumbing snake, even an inexpensive one, may prevent many visits from the plumber in the future. If the snake isn’t helping, then a plumber will probably need to be called in. It’s possible for novices to disassemble the toilet and look for the problem for themselves, but it is by no means a quick or easy process.

Unclogging a Bath Drain

For most clogs, opening the drain and removing the clumps of hair and gunk collected is all it takes. Unscrewing the top of the stopper and using a hook to lift the gunk out of the drain is an easy enough task that does not require the use of strong chemicals. If the water still won’t drain properly after doing this, there is probably more gunk lodged further down the drain that only a plumber with the right tools would be able to remove.

When sink leaks may go unnoticed for a long time, the accumulated damage can be enough to rot the sink base and the cabinet it’s situated in. Wiping every pipe and connection with a tissue and checking after each swipe for wetness is a good way to check for hidden leaks. Tightening the fittings may be enough to stop a leak or, if that doesn’t work, replacing the valve or other component may be enough. It is recommended that homeowners leave any further adjustments or repairs to water supply lines to Plumbers Marietta. For more information,

Even the most common plumbing problems can become severe. Any problems need attention as soon as possible to prevent additional damage. Some Plumbers Marietta offer emergency plumbing services. For example, Business Name takes calls 24 hours a day. Don’t hesitate to call your plumber if it looks as though the problem is causing serious damage to your property.

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