3 Things Local Plumbers in Ellicott City Maryland Will Tell You Should Never be Flushed

With every flush, you risk significant plumbing problems and environmental pollution. One flush of the toilet wastes 3 gallons of water and when you take down the drains with things like bathroom wipes, prescription medicine, and dental floss you’re taking down a daily necessity. While you may think some of these things are harmless, the local plumbers in Ellicott City Maryland can assure you they’re not.

Bathroom Wipes

While they are slowly becoming more common in your everyday bathroom routine, they are not to be treated the same as regular toilet paper. In fact, bathroom wipes should not be flushed at all. Even though, the marketing brand may say ‘flushable’ it’s proven they are too thick to be flushed. These wipes create backups in sewer systems and problems in the pipes. When using and disposing of any bathroom wipes, it is better to throw them in the trash.

Prescription Medicine

When flushing any sort of prescription medicine or substance down the toilet may not lead directly to clogs, it moves through the sewage systems and into our rivers, lakes, and oceans. The sewer treatment plants are not built to remove chemicals and drugs in the water. This is an environmental hazard that can destroy and contaminate nature. Instead of flushing your medicine take it to a pharmacy to have it disposed of properly.

Dental Floss

While this dental floss is common in everyone’s bathroom, it may not seem detrimental to your plumbing. It’s one of the biggest clogs that start out the smallest. Without realizing it, by flushing dental floss, you are taking a non-biodegradable object that can cling to just about everything. Once a small piece of floss is flushed it can quickly turn into a glob of waste and can severely damage your drains.

All of these things are a reminder by the Local Plumbers in Ellicott City Maryland to treat your drains with respect. If you’re thinking of flushing something other than human waste it’s better to just throw it in the trash. If you do have problems with your plumbing, don’t hesitate to call a local plumber today.

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