3 Steps to Take in Launching Your Career as an Architect in Chicago

There are many aspects to architecture that make this a fascinating field to explore. In addition to creating beautifully designed buildings, graduating from architecture master’s programs allows you to address how the structure of buildings addresses environmental, technological, and health issues. You can create or modify buildings to become more beneficial for your community when you follow these steps in pursuing architecture as a career path.

Earn Your Degree

When you pursue your degree via architecture master’s programs at one of the accredited schools in the United States, you’ll be well on your way to establishing yourself as a professional architect. During your education, you’ll learn about such issues as project design, building management, and environmental planning. The classes you’ll take will prepare you for overseeing expansive projects in addition to teaching you how to bring your own creations to life.

Begin an Internship

You must also complete an internship before you can begin working as an independent architect. It typically takes up to three years to finish an internship since interns are required to complete 5,600 work hours. During your time as an intern, you will gain experience in every facet of project management from the pre-design phase to the completion of the project.

Obtain Your License

Once you have earned your degree and completed an internship, you can take the next step in your career by obtaining your license. This will involve passing the Architect Registration Examination, which is a seven-part exam. The test is given by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.

When you’re ready to begin your path to a career in architecture, visit School of the Art Institute of Chicago online.

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