3 Signs You Need Air Conditioning Service in Bellevue, WA

Many homeowners in Bellevue, WA are aware that they need an air conditioner. What they may not be aware of, however, is just what indicates that their conditioner needs to be serviced. All appliances will break down eventually, and air conditioners are no exception. Here are 3 signs to tell when Air Conditioning Service in Bellevue, WA is needed.

The Conditioner is Making Strange SoundsThere may be times when the unit starts to sound strange. Often times, it will be a loud buzzing. When a sound like this starts to happen, it is important that the owner calls a repair technician to come take a look. They will be able to determine what is causing the sound and get the problem fixed so the noise no longer occurs.

Water is Leaking from the ConditionerSometimes people find that a little bit of water leaks from the bottom of their unit. This is often due to the weather, and is not usually something to worry about. If there is a lot of water leaking, however, then that is cause for concern. Too much water could cause water damage to the floor underneath. Once a leak like this is detected, a repair technician should be called immediately.

Only a Small Amount of Air is Blowing OutWhen a conditioner is working correctly, a good amount of air should be flowing through. It should give a nice blow when standing in front of it. If the unit is turned on to the highest level, yet hardly any air is blowing out, there is most likely something restricting air flow. A repair technician will need to examine the conditioner to see what it is that is causing only a small amount of air to flow through.

Air Conditioning Service in Bellevue, WA is needed immediately when any of these 3 signs are discovered. Any homeowner with a conditioning unit wants to be sure it is working correctly so they have the cool air to rely on during times when it is too hot to bear. Anyone who has discovered any of these signs should contact Dicks Heating and A/C Inc. to have their air conditioner repaired right away.


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