3 Reasons Why Product Placement on TV Works

Even highly established and tremendously popular brands benefit from strong and steady advertising campaigns. This is because it’s important to keep a continuous, positive spotlight on products, services and brand names. After all, with the “next great thing” always out there trying to compete, it doesn’t pay to relax when recognition levels reach a peak. The buying public needs constant reminders and that’s where product placement on TV comes into play.

What is Placement?

Product placement on TV is a form of advertising that provides television shows and movies with production funding that goes beyond standard ad spots. Built into the shows, this type of advertising is seamless. And, while it might only last a few seconds on screen, it can have big impacts on brands that use this advertising vehicle wisely.

Why it Works?

Product placement on TV is not the most blatant, hard-sell form of advertising available. It is, however, extremely effective. Here’s why:

1. The branding – Placement spots provide an excellent branding tool, especially for helping logos and packaging designs help to get recognized. While these ads won’t speak specifically to a product, they can help keep it in the public spotlight very nicely.

2. The association – There’s nothing better for a brand than to have a big-name actor use it in a film or television show. After all, everyone wants to drive the car the cool action hero prefers or eat the cereal the beautiful actress uses in the morning. That association between a particular brand and a famed actor can send a very strong message to the buying public. It’s that type of messaging that makes placement spots so valuable.

3. The soft pedal approach – People often walk away from their televisions during commercials. They purposely show up at movie theaters after the advertisements have run. They don’t walk away from their favorite shows while they’re still on. By blending advertising into the storyline, productions that allow for product placement allow brands to gain recognition without going for the hard sell. This can leave strong, positive impressions in viewers’ minds, which is exactly the point of a campaign of this nature.

Product placement on TV is just one of the tools companies can use to get their brands out to the buying public. The best campaigns involve a multi-faceted approach that serves to constantly bolster recognition.

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