3 Reasons to Use the Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace

During the special open enrollment period, which runs through August 15, 2021, it’s a good idea to review the benefits of Healthcare Marketplace plan enrollment in Atlanta, GA. Here are a few reasons to enroll.

Financial Aid May Reduce the Costs of Care and Coverage

This year, most people signing up for health insurance through Georgia’s marketplace will get help through federal tax credits that lower their monthly coverage costs. Almost 90% of enrollees received these credits last year, and more than half qualify for cost-sharing help.

It’s More Affordable Than You Think

Because of the financial assistance mentioned above, almost 80% of consumers can find a plan that costs under $75 per month after credits are applied. More companies are joining Georgia’s health insurance exchange, which gives customers more choices when they’re considering Healthcare Marketplace plan enrollment in Atlanta GA.

These Health Insurance Plans Cover All the Essentials

By enrolling in a Marketplace healthcare plan, you’re guaranteed to receive comprehensive coverage, with no markups or exclusions for pre-existing health conditions. Along with coverage for mental health treatment, prescription drugs, and maternity care, you’ll also have access to immunizations, yearly check-ups, and other preventive care services.

Finding good health insurance can be difficult, but local, free in-person help is available. You can also find options online. Affordable health insurance is important, and we’re here to help Georgia residents find the plans they need at an affordable price. Be sure to log on before August 15, 2021 on .

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