3 Practical Reason to Hire an Auto Accident Lawyer in Whittier, CA

While your injuries aren’t permanent, they are serious. There’s also the matter of the damage to your vehicle. It’s in your best interests to hire an auto accident lawyer in Whittier, CA who can seek a reasonable amount of compensation from the responsible party. If you need a reason to make this move, consider the following.

Your priority right now is to recover from the auto accident. Since it was severe enough for you to need hospitalization, physical therapy, and some home recuperation time, money might be tight. A lawyer can take into account all the ways that the accident negatively impacted you financially, and seek compensation that prevents you from further money worries.

Another reason has to do with being able to avoid distractions from your recovery. It’s not unusual for the party responsible for an accident or a representative of the party’s insurance provider, to reach out to you. The intent is not to find out how you’re doing; the purpose is to engage you in conversation in hopes you will say something that indicates you are partially or completely responsible for the accident. If you have your own legal counsel, all you have to provide is the name and contact information for your lawyer.

While you continue to recuperate, your auto accident lawyer in Whittier, CA will negotiate with the other party on your behalf. In the best-case scenario, the matter can be settled out of court for a sum you find reasonable. If the other party is not willing to negotiate, your lawyer will prepare to take the issue to court.

Regaining your health after the accident should be your priority. By hiring a lawyer who can handle the injury suit on for you, it will be much easier to focus on recovering and getting your life back to normal.

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