3 Methods of Sewer Repair Portland

by | Nov 2, 2011 | Home Improvement

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There used to be one method of Sewer Repair Portland. When the main sewer line leading from your house to the street was hopelessly clogged, there was only one option available; and that involved digging up the yard. According to experts, the leading cause of clogged residential sewer lines is tree roots. They manage to find any small crack or hole in the sewer line, work their way and then expand. After all, they found an excellent source of nourishment. Some technological advances in Sewer Repair Portland have given us a couple more options.

1. The old standard of Sewer Repair Portland.

Trenching has been the usual method of Sewer Repair Portland. That meant bringing in a backhoe to dig a trench in your yard from the house to the main sewer line or septic system. Once the trench was dug, the old sewer line was dug up and replaced with a new one. This project took days to complete; which meant not being able to use any of the plumbing in your house until the work had been completed. After the Sewer Repair Portland, with the dirt covering the sewer line, a homeowner had a new, fully functional sewer system, but a mess in the yard that needed to be re-landscaped.

2. Relining as a method of Sewer Repair Portland.

A recent advancement of Sewer Repair Portland is called “trenchless” pipe relining. If the sewer line is not decayed, or falling apart, then it is thoroughly cleaned out and relined with CIPP – Cured In-Place Pipe. This involves blowing a very soft resin into the sewer line using high pressure, and then a bladder that is pressurized with hot steam is inserted into the line. The bladder is pulled the length of the line, pushing the resin up against the inner walls of the existing pipe. When the resin cools, what is left is a strong, seamless, PVC pipe lining the inside of your sewer line. All of this is done without digging a trench.

3. Pipe Bursting is a way of Sewer Repair Portland.

Another trenchless method of Sewer Repair Portland is called pipe bursting. That sounds exciting. This repair is accomplished by digging two holes; one near the house and another by the connection to the main sewer. A winch on one end pulls a tool through the existing sewer line. This tool busts up the pipe and shoves it into the surrounding dirt. At the same time, a sturdy, but flexible pipe called HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) is attached to the back of the pipe-bursting tool. As the old sewer line is being destroyed, a new line is being installed. A big advantage to this system is the size of the new sewer line is the same size or larger than the old one. Municipalities, businesses and homeowners are using pipe bursting for Sewer Repair Portland.

Advances in technology for Sewer Repair Portland have created increased efficiency, lower costs and more options for homeowners and taxpayers.

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