3 Major Benefits You Can Get By Drinking Green Teas On A Regular Basis

Do you like to indulge in fizzy drinks, almost on a regular basis? Are you unable to quit the habit, in spite of repeated warnings from your friends and family? Well, why not try a better alternative, which will be just as refreshing, but won’t harm you in any way? Consider switching to green tea instead of guzzling down those bottles of cola. Sweeten it if you must – it doesn’t matter, the tea will still benefit you greatly. Simply brew the tea for some time (follow manufacturer’s instructions), add sweetener, chill it in a refrigerator and take it in place of fizzy drinks.


Green tea is bound to offer the following benefits unless you are adding a mountain of sugar to every cup (one teaspoonful per cup is alright though):


  1. Destruction of free radicals: As you breathe in oxygen, your body uses the latter to break down food and generate energy. While this is an essential process, it also frees charged ions of various kinds. These ions, called free radicals, can wreck havoc on the cells in your body. What’s more – the presence of too many free radicals has been linked to formation of cancerous tumors in the body. Green teas contain a special kind of substance called antioxidants, which help in destroying these free radicals. Take 3-4 cups of green tea every day, and you should remain safe from cancer to a good extent.


  1. Loss of excess fat: If you are overweight or obese, then you should definitely try having green tea regularly. It has been scientifically proved that green tea speeds up metabolism rates, and helps in burning fat. However, if you are using green tea as a slimming medicine, you will need to have around 5-6 cups a day, preferably in unsweetened condition, in order to get maximum benefits from the drink.


  1. Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease: Did you know that drinking 3-4 cups of green tea on a regular basis can prevent Alzheimer’s disease? Not only that – if your octogenarian grandpa has been recently diagnosed with the disease, then serving him 3-4 cups of the tea on a regular basis may have a protective effect and prevent further advancement of the disease.


As you can see, green teas can benefit your body and mind in a wide variety of ways. Citizens of Asian countries like China and Japan have been reaping the benefits of this wondrous product of nature for hundreds of years. Isn’t it high time you joined them, and improved your health to a great extent in the process?


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