3 Essential Points To Consider When Choosing Between Electroplating Companies

Any Original Equipment Manufacturer working with companies to complete outsourced operations needs to be very careful in selecting the best companies for the respective task.

When it comes to electroplating parts and components, choosing the right company becomes even more critical for the OEM. When electroplating companies are not able to work to your specifications or to deliver on schedule, they are no longer an effective partner. To help find the ideal company for small to large volume electroplating requirements, be sure to review the following company information.

Primary Operation or One of Many?

Ideally, look for electroplating companies with a focus on electroplating. There are companies that have a much wider scope of work including machining, brazing and fabrication services in addition to the electroplating.

By working with a company that focuses on electroplating, you have the expertise of engineers and technicians used to working with both standard types of metals and plating options as well as more exotic metals and specialized plating requirements.

Equipment and Capacity

The ability to work to tight tolerances and to provide the right electroplating process for the desired end properties for the part or component is a factor of both expertise and having the right equipment.

The top electroplating companies have state-of-the-art equipment and processes, allowing for automation, increased efficiency and improved quality control throughout all electroplating processes.

Industry Experience

The number of years an electroplating company has been in the industry is another telling factor to consider. The longer a company has worked in this highly specialized industry, the higher their level of expertise and their ability to know and work to specific industry standards.

These factors combine to determine the ability of the electroplating company to work to your specific needs. For startup OEMs or for companies with years in the business, partnering with the best service is always the right option.

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