3 Chicken Wing Preparation Tips

Sometimes, you do not want to cook. You cook all the other meals, and you would like a night off. Chicken Wings Restaurants in NJ are a great option for those nights when you are in the mood for food items that are not a meal on their own, but are great when coupled with other foods like salad, bread and sauces. You can also couple them with a side of French fries and pizza.

For those times when you are in the mood to cook, here are three preparation tips to consider.

How Many Should You Buy?

Whether you are preparing the chicken wings yourself, or you are going to order them from a restaurant, you have to figure out how many you need to order. The number you order, or buy, depends on the amount people you are going to feed. Chicken wings are a popular menu item for sports watching gatherings. If you are going to feed a crowd, figure out the other menu items, first. Professionals recommend ordering four pounds of chicken wings for every 10 people. When other meats are going to be served, too, you are advised to order two pounds per 10 people.

When to Buy?

If you are going to serve chicken for a big sporting event, you are advised to purchase them a week before if they are frozen. For fresh wings, place your order in advance, too. The assumption should be that many others are going to be eating wings on that day as well.

What Type to Buy?

Chicken wings are available in different cuts. They are sold whole and pre-cut. The cut you pick should be based on your preference.

If you change your mind about cooking, chicken wings restaurants in NJ are ready to place your order.

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