2 Products of Nanotechnology That Use Lithography Machines in PA

Nanotechnology is being used throughout several industries that include energy, food safety, healthcare, pharmaceutical, security, and more. This piece of technology has revolutionized the world in many ways. Nanotechnology, however, would not exist without lithography machines, special equipment used to fabricate and manufacture the specific types of products that use this technology. Here are 2 products of nanotechnology that are produced using lithography machines.

Mobile Devices
Cellular phones, tablets, and other similar mobile devices are the most common nanotechnology products produced using lithography machines. The chips inside your device, the motherboard, the circuit board, and other vital components were all made using some type of lithography machine.

Solar Panels
Solar panels are another product of nanotechnology that utilizes a type of lithography machine. Photolithography is a piece of machinery that is used to create the tiny and thin solar cells found in all solar panels. As you are aware, these tiny cells allow you to harvest the sun’s energy and would not exist without using this special type of equipment.

Chemical Solutions
Perhaps you will be acquiring some type of lithography machine to produce a product that utilizes nanotechnology. Lithography machines require special chemical solutions to prevent product defects from occurring. So, it is vital to also procure specific chemical concentrates to use with your advanced lithography machine. Contact the experts at DisChem Inc. They offer top-quality chemical solutions like anti-charging agents, electroforming solutions, and more for micro / nano fabrication. So, when searching for a company that offers special chemical solutions to use with your lithography machine for micro / nano fabrication, they are the ones you should call. Call or visit them today.

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