Buying Personalized Bowling Balls

More than anything, personalized bowling balls should fit your hand well and be an appropriate weight for your use. Professionals can drill holes into the ball to your specifications so that you get exactly the fit you want. Simply make sure that when you buy the ball, you purchase drilling protection, which will cover the cost of replacing the ball if it is damaged while being drilled.

Different bowling balls can be made for various purposes. If you are just starting out, a less expensive personalized bowling ball may suit you well. However, if you take your game seriously, you may want more than one ball – one for dry lanes and one for oily lanes, along with different balls that spin differently depending on your style of bowling. In other words, some balls are suited more for strikes, while others are more effective for picking up spares. This will become more apparent to you as you learn the techniques of the game and develop your own style.

High-performance balls from brands like Columbia 300, Roto Grip, Track and Brunswick use technological prowess to offer friction and roll just the way you want them to, producing higher scores and superior performance. Recreational players may opt for less intense, inexpensive products that convey personal style, glow-in-the-dark or have customized logos or slogans on them. These may often just be used for effect or as spare balls by semi-serious players.

A secondary but popular factor in buying personalized bowling balls is the ability to own a ball that provides a unique touch and represents your personality. You can buy personalized bowling balls that portray your favorite sports teams or cartoon characters, have funny catch phrases or that relay your identification with a worthy cause.

Personalized bowling balls used in PBA tournaments are used in order to benefit charities. For example, the personalized bowling balls used in the Mark Roth PBA Championship not long ago were resold to help pay for its namesake’s medical expenses after he suffered a major stroke.

Whether you seek a competitive edge or you want to express your personal style, personalized bowling balls are both fun to choose and easy to enjoy. was created by bowlers to offer personalized bowling ballsandbowling accessories that are second-to-none in terms of quality and craftsmanship. Bowling balls, custom bowling balls, bowling shoes, bowling bags, and bowling accessoriesare available for every level of bowler. Visit or call 206.376.7324 for more information.

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