Your Pets and Your Wood Flooring In Savage, MN

For many years people have been told that you can’t have dogs or cats and wood flooring in Savage, MN, at least if you want your wood flooring to last. The fact is that with new options in both preventing accidental stains and changes in the actual options for your flooring you can have both and enjoy your pets and your beautiful floor.

Accidents and Scratching

Accidents and scratches on wood flooring in Savage, MN is typically found when there are dogs in the house. Those little puddles in the corner or those long scratches on the floor as the dog scrambles to run to great you certainly can occur, but you have options.

Always keep your dog’s nails trimmed to avoid those scratches. This is particularly important with heavy and large breeds, but even the little ones can be hard on the floor if nails are long.

If you are housebreaking a puppy keep them off the hardwood floor until they are accident free. You can also invest in special puppy pads that have a plastic backing to trap any liquid if the dog has to go and you aren’t at home.

Food and Water

Food and water stains are easy to manage by simply using a rubber boot mat under the food and water dishes for both dogs and cats. This mat has a lip around the edge that will prevent even energetic eaters and drinkers from slopping water onto the floor.

Choose Your Wood

Choosing a pre-finished wood flooring in Savage, MN over a finished on-site wood is a better option and offers better protection. On-site finishing tends to be softer than pre-finished so this may be a consideration.

In addition engineered wood flooring in Savage, MN is also more scratch resistant than solid wood flooring. There are even manufacturers that actually put acrylic into the top layer of the engineered flooring, making it much more durable and harder than a finished solid wood option.

You may also want to consider the color of wood flooring in Savage, MN that you choose if you have pets. Lighter colored woods do not show scratches or wear as much as the darker colored options, which may be an important consideration in a multi-pet household.

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