Your Guide to Perfect, Glowing Skin

Magazine headlines always read: “Do this to have the Best Skin”. These headlines elude us, as it seems expensive and time consuming to have perfect skin, or you need to have the right DNA and genes. These headlines and articles say we all can have great skin, but what are the tried and true ways to have perfect skin?

Having healthy skin makes us feel beautiful and better about ourselves, and sometimes expensive products and surgeries do not deliver. Professionals who studied skin problems and disorders can help clients figure out the best needs for each skin type.

Seek some good advice about Dermatology Costa Mesa to start on the path to better skin:

Wear moisturiser with SPF
Many dermatologists have warned against the harmfulness of tanning beds and tanning in general, but what you might not think about is the daily exposure to UV rays. Just by being outside for a few moments, the UV rays can penetrate your skin. Glass and other screens can delay the absorption, but if you ever have driven for an extended period of time, you know the weird sunburn you can get on one side of your face and body.

Daily sunscreen use is the best anti-aging method. Also, despite the Earth being farthest away from the sun during the winter months, the UV rays are still potent and sunscreen still needs to be used then. Moisturiser with an SPF of at least 15 is the best to incorporate into your daily routine when applying lotion and makeup.

Healthy eating
The skin is the largest organ in the body, so why not fix and nourish it from the inside out like any other organ? Slathering it with creams and other treatments can work, but the most effective, long-lasting way is through nutrition.

First, make sure you are properly hydrated, because dehydration exacerbates the wrinkles and fine lines, making you appear older. Cut out some sodium, so it isn’t so hard to hydrate.
Next, make sure you have a balanced diet, which includes a lot of eggs, vegetables, fruits and nuts. Vitamins A, B, C, E and K have been known to help with skin, protect against sun exposure and skin tissue repair, and reduce dark areas. Some foods include rice, citrus, leafy greens, seeds, Vegemite and the foods listed above.

Find out your skin type
By not knowing your skin type – oily, dry or combination – you could be using products that are not right for your skin. Each type has a different care requirement and a list of products needed. Through a consultation with regards to Dermatology Costa Mesa, you can find out how your skin reacts to daily life and set up a routine of products and methods to protect and nurture.

Serving Southern California, Dr. Mehdi Derambakhsh is dedicated to helping their clients get clear, gorgeous skin that they can feel proud of. For more information, visit Deram Dermatology online.

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