You Should Sell Coins to the Right Buyer, Find a Reputable One in Chicago

Do you know what characteristics to look for in a coin buyer? If you are in the market to sell your mint condition or rare coins, take the following steps into consideration. You want to use an honest and experienced buyer who knows how to buy and sell coins. If you live in Chicago, make sure they have all the proper certifications for the state of Illinois.

Experience Goes a Long Way

Choose a buyer with experience. You want to work with someone who knows the industry from top to bottom. They should have years of buying and selling under their belt. When you have your first meeting, come in with questions. This may include asking how long they have been in the business or what their areas of expertise are.

A Good Reputation

You should also choose a coin buyer with a good reputation. Reviews and referrals can go a long way in this industry. Search for these reviews online or even by word of mouth from locals. Those with the best customer service and habits are always respected by their peers and customers.

A Reasonable Offer

When you bring your coins in for appraisal, the buyer should give you top dollar for your collection. Know the rates going in, so you have a starting off point. If you can’t find a number, the buyer should walk you through how they got to their offer. The methodology should be given in layman’s terms and make sense to you once done. You should have no questions before you decide to sell.

Selling coins is a great way to make some money while clearing your home of unwanted items. When you are searching for a coin buyer, do some research before settling on one business. Experience is key in this industry.

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