You Do Not Need a Real Estate Lawyer in Whitby to Stop a Power of Sale

Losing your home to a power of sale is a scary time and many people make the mistake of turning to a real estate lawyer in Whitby to stop the sale. While a real estate lawyer in Whitby may be able to slow the process they likely will not be able to stop it. There is only one thing that can get you out from under the house.

A Solution

The one thing that can help you to move forward in life is to sell your home fast! Once you sell your home the creditors (the bank) will leave you alone, you will be able to:

  • Buy another home
  • Pay off the debt
  • Have peace of mind

Selling a house that is under a power of sale, is one of the best ways you can put the past behind you regroup and find another house that you can start fresh in. You likely will not be able to buy right away but you will be able to buy a little while down the road because you will not have lost your home, you will have sold it and it will show as paid off on your credit.

Get Peace of Mind

Making the choice to sell your home instead of letting it go back to the bank will give you the peace of mind you want.

It is an Easy Solution

You can try to fight it out but the fact is if you owe the debt, in the end you have one of two choices, pay the debt or give back the house to the bank. Selling to R.W. Carr Investment Co. is the solution to stop the power of sale. You can sell your home for a fair price and get it done quickly!

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