You and Your Divorcing Partner May Still Be Able to Decide What Is Best for Your Family

by | May 27, 2013 | Law

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7795202_lDespite the fact that you and your partner may be divorcing, you have still created a family together and you know and understand that family better than anyone else ever could. Consequently, you may want to be the ones who decide about the division of property and to arrange for the custody and care of your children rather than leaving such determinations to the Williamson County courts that do not know you, your children, or the things that work best for your family. If that is the case, you will want to work with a divorce lawyer who is experienced in handling family mediation in Williamson County.

Your experienced and knowledgeable Williamson County divorce lawyer will be a valuable asset to have at your side as you and your partner seek to reach an agreement that is mutually beneficial and in the best interests of your children. Whereas you may have been subjected to all of the battle stories that family members or co-workers may have shared with you regarding their own divorces, every divorce does not need to result in hostility, animosity, or drawn-out litigation. Successful family mediation will enable you and your partner to dissolve your union cordially so that you will be in a much better place to work cooperatively with one another in the years to come as you each continue to raise your children. Your divorce lawyer will help to ensure that your will have the ability to communicate effectively with one another regarding the needs of your children whether for education, extra-curricular activities, heath needs, etc.

The other benefit of seeking family mediation with your Williamson County divorce lawyer is that it will allow for much more flexibility when it comes to dividing and distributing assets and arriving at custody agreements than what is available through the courts. Your divorce lawyer will be able to help you to think outside of the box when it comes to creative solutions that will benefit all of your family members while at the same time ensuring that whatever agreement you reach is legally acceptable and will protect the long-term interests of everyone involved. Plus, you and your partner will both be able to feel at ease knowing that you had a hand in crafting the agreement.

If you and your partner would like to learn more about the possibility of family mediation, contact a Williamson County divorce lawyer today to arrange for a consultation. Family mediation can save you time and money. Even more importantly, however, with family mediation you can work with your divorce lawyer to ensure that family relationships continue to be strong and life-giving even after your Williamson County divorce is finalized.

Even though you are divorcing, you and your partner may still want to make final decisions regarding your family. The James W. Evans Law Office can supply you with a Williamson County divorce lawyer who can assist you with family mediation that will allow you to decide what is best for you and your kids. The James W. Evans Law Office serves clients throughout Central Texas including those in Austin, Round Rock, and Williamson County. Call the James W. Evans Law Office today at 512.628.2550 or email at for the help you need. Or, you can visit on the web at

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