Yes, You Can Get Free Checking in Melbourne, FL

by | Apr 10, 2014 | Loan

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Some banks like to act like you can no longer get free checking in Melbourne, FL, but this is far from the case. Financial institutions like CCU offer excellent free checking options. CCU – Community Credit Union – offers accounts that offer everything you’d expect from a checking account. You’ll get free online, mobile, text, and phone banking, a free ATM/debit card, free online bill payment, and other such benefits. There are no monthly service fees and you don’t have to keep a minimum balance.

With all of these benefits, it may seem shocking that anyone uses anything other than free checking account in Melbourne. There are, however, some benefits offered by CCU’s other accounts that go beyond the bare-bones features of the free version. Budget, Clear Advantage, and other paid checking accounts, for example, include overdraft protection. One form of this protection automatically transfers funds from your CCU savings account or line of credit to stop overdrafts from happening. A more basic type of protection sends you alerts when your balance hits a preset warning level.

Of course, CCU also offers plenty of non-checking options. Savings accounts, health savings and checking accounts, IRAs, CDs, and other financial products are readily available. There are also two special savings account options: My Club and the Christmas Club. When you open a My Club account, you’ll get to name it after whatever you’re saving for. You can open several of these accounts to put money away for specific things. This’ll make it easy to see how close you are to each goal. The Christmas Club is set up to help you save specifically for Christmas expenses. To give you an added incentive to leave the money in the account until the scheduled date, there are penalties for early withdrawal.

These are just some of the options Community Credit Union offers that go beyond free checking in Melbourne. Just like a bank, this credit union also offers a wide variety of loan products. Home equity loans, first mortgages, car loans, credit cards, and other such notes are among their standard offerings. You can also get secured loans, which are excellent for credit repair. Check out your local branch to find out all of your options for managing your funds and obtaining more.



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