Work Comp Lawyer in MN Wants You To Know Your Rights

When you have been injured at work, and are going through troubling circumstances as result of that injury, don’t just let time slip away, thinking you don’t have options. There is a work comp lawyer in MN who wants to help you navigate through all of the complex maze of workplace injuries. You need to know what to do when workplace injuries occur.

The key point to understand as you go into a situation with a workplace injury is that no matter whether you were at fault or not, there is still a liability issue from the workplace stance. There is still the matter of you being covered for being out of work. The purpose of workers’ compensation is to protect both you as the employee and the employer from taking the brunt of repercussion from the injuries that occur on the job. When people think of workers’ compensation insurance, they tend to think of the more physically demanding jobs such as outdoor construction or some other hard labor. Actually, workers’ compensation injuries can and most often do occur in lesser hazardous environments. Whether or not this is due to people in hazardous occupations being more sensitive to accidents than other occupations is not yet been confirmed. What is confirmed, though, is no matter WHERE you work, if you get hurt on the job, and it takes you out of work, and/or cost you some medical bills, you most likely have a workers’ comp case. Remember, there are three types of injuries on the job, and you could fall under one of them: injuries or accidents at work, injuries by repetitive motion (such as carpal tunnel), and injuries by exposure (such as exposure to hazardous substances).

Malone & Atchinson are attorneys with over five decades of experience in the workers’ comp field. They want to help you receive what you should in your workers comp claim and case. They also want you to realize workers’ comp is not the same as health insurance or disability insurance, as you may be offered at work. If you would like to know more about how they can assist you as a work comp lawyer in MN.

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