Wood Interior Doors In Modern Homes

It is very common to associate the rich, dark, cool looking styles of wood doors with Victorian style décor or a very classic design. The lighter colors of wood interior doors are usually linked to the more rustic Americana styles of home designs.

However, this is outdated thinking. If you take a few minutes and browse around online for any top custom home builder or home design company, you will find more and more wood interior doors in the most modern and chic styles of designs from minimalist to more European functional design.

The reasons wood interior doors are seeing a comeback has a lot to do with the return to a more natural, earthy and environmentally friendly building options. The best American-based door building companies have moved to eco-friendly stains and sealers, including those rated as low VOC (volatile organic compounds).

The Versatility

Another reason many of the newest home designs feature wood interior doors has a lot to do with the versatility of wood itself. Unlike a painted door that will need to be repainted to match any change in décor, the wood option will work with virtually any color of walls, window treatment, and even flooring options.

Wood looks terrific with natural stone floors such as marble or travertine, but it is easily matched with tiles, carpeting or even hardwood flooring. When you install wood, you don’t have to worry about the added cost of replacing or repainting every time you change the interior of the home.

The Warmth

There is a different environment or atmosphere created when interior doors are natural wood instead of other materials. Even choosing a top quality stained door over a paint grade door can add warmth while blending in with the overall design and theme.

With this natural warmth, interior doors can be stained dark to light, it is the richness of the grain and the beauty of the door coming through. This effect is not possible with painted doors which don’t have the character of the stained doors.

Sleek, streamlined and minimal styles such as Shaker and Mission interior doors are a very popular option for a modern design or style of home. These can be customized to add glass and panels that are simple and elegant with crisp, clean lines to match the rest of the home design.

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