Wood Floors in Manhattan Can Enrich Your Home

If you are a homeowner feeling your home needs some warmth, elegance and style, wood flooring may be what you need. You can choose wood flooring material made from the exotic and beautiful hardwoods of South America or the beautiful and elegant hardwoods of North America.

Beautiful flooring is made from wood reclaimed from old east coast factories built in the 1800s. The wood once used for support beams has been aged by the years resulting in an elegant floor and in many instances a simply beautiful floor. This wood is sawed into plank sizes which revealing the characteristics of the aging process. Stores selling Wood Floors in Manhattan can show you this flooring material.

Another strikingly beautiful wood floor material is the tobacco barn wood, aged to a look that cannot be found in other wood. In some instances, this wood still carries the aroma of the tobacco but it is a sweeter and milder aroma. Antique tobacco barn oak makes a beautiful floor. The unique charm and warmth of this wood also adds beauty and character to your home.

Wood flooring products are often made of solid hardwoods, cut and planed into very attractive flooring material. Some of the hardwoods from Brazil are also made into very attractive flooring material. Additionally, many types of hardwood flooring are made from engineered wood. This flooring material is constructed of several layers of wood products into a 5-ply wood plank with the hardwood forming the top layer. These products are protected by an aluminum oxide coating providing strength and preventing marring and scuffing. Companies selling Wood Floors in Manhattan can show you engineered flooring.

The choice of wood floors certainly offers the opportunity to the homeowner to add style to their home which they will enjoy for a long time. Wood flooring is available in elegant and rustic wood and several choices in between. A home with hardwood flooring throughout presents a panorama of style which is very attractive and lovely to look at every day.

The homeowner can obtain design help in selecting the floor best suited to their home from among the 900 choices of flooring available. Whether a room is being remodeled or a whole house, wood flooring can add an enrichment other flooring cannot provide.

Based in Manhattan, NEW YORK WOOD FLOORING is a locally owned, fully licensed, bonded and insured flooring company. Call the website to know more about it.

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