Why Your Business Still Needs Business Cards

In an age when the smart phone is widely used as a piece of business equipment, the question must be asked about the relevance of continuing to use business cards. Orange County provides thousands of opportunities for a business card to be passed over or exchanged, but where is this still practical, instead of recording the necessary data into your smart phone?

Where Speed Is Important

Whether you are networking or just happen to come across an opportunity, passing across your detailed information to an individual is quick and efficient when you exchange business cards. Orange County networking is alive and kicking from business meetings, to exhibitions and conferences and speed dating.

You can take the option of beaming information between smartphones or choose to take a photograph of business cards, where an app will convert the information into a contact to be stored inside your phone, but can you complete these tasks as quickly as handing over a card?

Business Cards Are Expected

There are many occasions where individuals expect to receive a business card from you. Even when you found difficulty with your local police, they will offer you a business card, specifying their contact details, so you can call them when you have further information that might help the case.

When you are selling an item, individuals will expect you to hand over a card and if you don’t have a specifically printed business card in your name, the other party will make one of two assumptions. You are either new to the business and perhaps should not be trusted yet, or your business is not big enough to be able to afford a few dollars to organize some printed business cards.

A nicely presented business card should not be produced just as a matter of course. It is there to promote your business, non-profit organization, sports team or event. You are expecting that the person receiving your card will store it faithfully and contact you, by using the details from the card, when they need to speak to you or interact with you further.

The card is effectively a brochure for your business or an opening to provide you with sales in the future. Some individuals choose to print on both sides of the card to maximize the use of its marketing activities or to present an opportunity to write information about appointments or agreed prices of goods you may wish to purchase.

In some cultures, business people will refuse to do business with you if you do not hand over a business card at the beginning of the meeting. They may not tell you this, but you will be totally wasting your time by continuing with the meeting and not presenting a card.

There is probably no time in the near future that a personalized card will go out of fashion.

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