Why You Should See a Cosmetic Dentist Westchester County About Dental Veneers

No matter what issues you are having with the appearance of your teeth, a Cosmetic Dentist Westchester County can be of help. Dentists of this type typically use dental veneers to correct a wide range of aesthetic issues as they are very versatile, easy to apply and look great once on. What are the benefits of dental veneers and why should you consider having them?

Dental veneers are normally made of porcelain so the teeth continue to have a natural appearance. The veneers are translucent so light enters the surface rather than bouncing off the teeth. When the light permeates the porcelain shells, it reflects off the hard, opaque cement used to bond the veneers and the treated tooth has the same luminous quality of natural teeth.

Porcelain tends to resist stains so, when properly cared for, the veneers retain the original color and the Cosmetic Dentist can match your natural tooth when it comes to the size, shape and color of the veneer. To create the veneer, the dentist makes a mold of your teeth and choose the appropriate veneer color.

When veneers are used, the natural teeth are strengthened as their appearance improves. Teeth with only minimal to moderate damage benefit from veneers because this treatment option is less invasive than implants or crowns. The tooth is reinforced and you can eat again without pain.

In certain situations, a tooth must be significantly reshaped or extracted before the cosmetic procedure takes place. With veneers, this isn’t the case. The Cosmetic Dentist Westchester County removes a small amount of enamel from the front of the tooth, but reshaping typically isn’t required.

Another benefit of veneers is the process is very quick. Veneers are put into place over two visits, with each visit taking approximately 90 minutes. Patients experience little discomfort or pain and there is no recovery period. Some do experience sensitivity in those teeth which have veneers, but that is the only side effect.

Thanks to the versatility of veneers, almost any imperfection can be corrected and veneers are easy to care for. With good dental hygiene, the veneers look great for years to come. If you have something you don’t like about your smile, contact a Cosmetic Dentist Westchester County today to see if veneers are right for you. You can have a whole new smile in no time at all.

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