Why You Should Consider North Kingston Real Estate

When it comes to settling in Rhode Island, you have a lot of choices. While some look at the high prices of Providence and, in particular, Newport, it is important to remember that there are other places with reasonably priced homes. Take North Kingston Real Estate. The city may not be Newport with its yachts and ostentatious residences, but it does have much to recommend it.

North Kingston Real Estate – Plantation Country

North Kingston has a reputation. It is known as plantation country. Instead of one large urban centre, it is actually a collection of several small and mid-sized rural communities. North Kingston real estate possibilities are found on both sides of Route-1A along the shores of Narragansett Bay. As a result, you can find a variety of attractions that can add to your daily life. These range from an 18-hole golf course to the July annual Art Festival on the Wickford Town Dock to the Narragansett Casino Resort to Smith’s Castle. Overall, North Kingstown provides a variety of educational, religious, recreational and shopping experiences for everyone of any age. Yet, some communities are better known than others including Wickford.


This harbor village of North Kingston is the best known of the region’s villages. It features tree-lined lanes featuring some of the state’s oldest structures. Among the better known are:

  • Old Narragansett Church: Oldest Episcopal (Anglican) church. This preaching box-style structure built in 1707 has a Queen Anne communion set as well as a slave gallery
  • The Old Yellow (1735): A central chimney house. The oldest standing residence in the village
  • Waterside Mill (1865) A mil structure
  • The Gregory Building (1891): Richardson- Romanesque style
  • The Sunflower House (Wm. Gregory House): built in 1883 in a cross-gabled version of the Queen Anne style.
  • Smith’s Castle: Destroyed 1876, the Castle was rebuilt around 1678 and renovated circa 1740. It was one of the largest eighteenth-century slave-holding plantations in Rhode Island. It is now a National Register Historic Building.
  • Wickford Public library (1898): Greek Temple style
  • Avis Block (1850-51): typical commercial block of the time complete with Victorian mansards

The village is currently known for its continued colonial charm. It opens up its doors during the various festivals that occur during the year. These include the July Arts Festival and the December Festival of lights. These are just a few of the many reasons you might want to consider North Kingston real estate. There are many more including the public beaches at Wickford and Quonset and the small and large parks. Whatever way you look at it, North Kingston offers you the better of two worlds – a chance to live rural but be part of a larger urban community.