Why You Need Water Damage Professionals For Fire Damage Restoration in San Diego, CA

It may seem odd to call water damage professionals after a fire, but most of these disasters actually result in large amounts of standing water, as well as chemicals. Professionals, such as EcoPure Restoration, are uniquely qualified to work with all damages associated with fires. As part of fire damage restoration in San Diego, CA, these experts offer benefits that include:

 * EMERGENCY RESPONSE: Technicians who specialize in fire damage restoration in San Diego, CA understand that you may have serious concerns in the aftermath of a fire. They also know that most disasters hide dangers. As a result, technicians provide 24-hour emergency services, and will typically arrive with an hour, or less. They are alert to hidden hazards, which can include fumes, smoke, soot, electrical damage, and more, and will act to ensure your safety.

 * WATER EXTRACTION: Many fires are restricted to one area of your home, but the gallons of water used to extinguish flames can quickly harm the rest of it. Bacteria will begin to grow in water within just one hour. As a result, before beginning fire damage restoration in San Diego, CA homes, professionals will use heavy-duty equipment to eliminate standing water. They may also use pack-out services, and remove items, to keep them safe, or prepare them for restoration. Technicians will then dry walls, floors, attics, basements, carpeting, and other items that can be salvaged.

 * CLEANING: In most cases, restoration technicians professionally clean, sanitize, and deodorize property. In the process, experts they often remove scorch marks and other damage.

 * MOLD REMEDIATION: Mold will begin to grow in your home with 48 hours after water damage, so restoration experts also carefully search for signs of the fungus as they clean up. Their inspection includes any “wet” areas, such as basements, sinks, and laundry areas, but also air conditioning ducts, which often harbor the fast-growing fungus. Since mold spores spread quickly and can cause an ongoing health hazard, professionals usually clean and treat ducts, to remove and prevent mold. In addition, they will eliminate sources, including leaking pipes or pooling water. They can then treat affected areas, to inhibit future growth.

After a fire, it is wise to choose fire restoration services that also specialize in water damage, because fires often create similar problems. Specialists respond quickly, assess dangers, remove excess water, dry premises, clean and deodorize property, and remove mold, before they begin restoring property.

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