Why You Need the Services of Veterans Attorneys

by | Mar 6, 2012 | Legal Advice

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If you are a veteran filing for a medical or disability claim, you may find the process to be very slow and frustrating. In some cases, it might even take years before the claim goes through the system. The average time taken from the day you file your initial claim until a decision is made on your case is 196 days, while filing the appeal might take another 900 days. To avoid this unnecessarily long and frustrating process, you can hire the services of  veterans attorneys to help you with your claim. These people know how the process goes and how to speed it up, so that you get your payments within the shortest time possible.

The reason why this process takes so long is because you are required to prove that your disability occurred during military service. You have to prove this direct link before your compensation claim can go forward. Most requests are denied at this stage, especially for those without veterans attorneys.

You need to start using a veteran’s attorney early enough in the filing process. The process can be very complex so the presence of an attorney can prove very vital in determining the success of the claim going forward. The attorney is aware of what is needed for a claim to be approved and he/she will ensure that you meet all the requirements. If there are any loopholes in your claim, he/she will know how to cover them.

There are many veterans who do not realize that their disabilities were actually caused by military service. One example that is gaining widespread recognition of late is post traumatic stress disorder, which affects many veterans once they come home from active service and may take several years or even decades before it is properly diagnosed.

Once the medical diagnosis has been confirmed, you will have to prove that it was caused during your military service. After passing this stage, the next stage requires you to prove how much you are owed in compensation. Veterans attorneys know how to handle all these processes so that you get good compensation in the end.

Your disability will be assessed to determine how much money you are entitled to in your claim. This involves looking at your medical records to determine how much your disability is deemed to have interfered with your ability to live and function normally.

If you are on your own, this whole process is not easy. Even the most straightforward claims encounter a lot of difficulties. The services of veterans attorneys are very vital in this process. If you want to avoid the frustrations involved and get your claim approved as fast as possible, you should find a good veteran’s attorney to represent you.

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