Why you must Replace Missing Teeth

Your dentist in Cedar Rapids, IA will tell you that your missing teeth can be leading to some serious dental. Many people believe that if their missing tooth is not noticeable then they do not have to bother replacing it. However when you do not replace a lost tooth it can cause many issues for your existing teeth. Here is an overview explaining the importance of replacing your missing teeth.

How Missing or Damaged Teeth Affect You

Picture what happens when you topple a line of dominos. This is the same affect that will happen when you have a missing tooth. The shift in your teeth will be very gradual but year by year the shifting of your teeth can lead to more issues. Drifting teeth can affect your bite. When your bite is misaligned you can suffer from some unpleasant side effects including TMJ pain, neck pain, jaw pain and headaches. The misalignment can also make it difficult to chew as well as add to gaps or overlaps in your teeth.

Gaps and overlaps not only look unpleasant they can also contribute to tooth decay. Gaps make it easier for food to become trapped whereas overlaps can make it difficult to floss and brush effectively. Misaligned teeth can even lead to bad breath as food becomes trapped and begins to decay but cannot be removed with usual brushing. Misalignment can even affect your jaw bone if teeth begin to loosen and your jaw bone does not receive proper stimulation to produce new cells. When your bite is affected you can also damage your teeth as your bite is no longer natural and therefore is putting pressure on your teeth which can lead to cracks and chips.

Teeth Replacement Options

You can discuss your options with your dentist in Cedar Rapids, IA. There are partial dentures as well as bridges. The best choices for teeth replacement are implants. They offer a permanent solution that will not only look natural but will also provide the jaw bone stimulation required to avoid shrinkage. Your budget will of course come into play but you are certain to find an option to suit your needs.

Now that you know the issues involved it is a good time to set up an appointment with your dentist in Cedar Rapids, IA to discuss your options.