Why You Might Need Pittsburgh, PA Leaning Walls Repair

by | Jan 28, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

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Many older homes in Pittsburgh, PA have problems with issues like a weak foundation or leaning walls. When your walls start to lean, you don’t want to ignore this issue, as this is one of the signs that your foundation is no longer level. At the first signs that you’re having foundation issues, you need to call a professional in for foundation repair. Not only can they start Pittsburgh, PA Leaning Walls Repair, they can also see if it’s your foundation that’s causing your walls to lean in the first place.

One of the first signs that your foundation may not be safe anymore is that your windows start to stick. When the foundation shifts just a little bit, it impacts the windowsills, making it difficult to open or close sliding windows. Additionally, you’ll often find that your doors will not stay open or closed as the slight change in the foundation causes them to swing in one direction or another. Lastly, a rolling object placed on the floor may roll on it’s own. If the foundation has only shifted a little, it may be a very slow roll, if it’s shifted a lot then the object will roll quickly.

A comprised foundation can be quite dangerous. While there are homes that stand for many years on a tilted foundation, this isn’t the case for every home. There are cases where homes have collapsed on themselves due to the unstable foundation. In other cases, there are instances of glass windows shattering unexpectedly, objects coming lose in the home – such as refrigerators and stoves – and much more. Taking care of the foundation when the problem first presents itself means fewer repairs in your home as well as less cost for the foundation repair.

In some cases, Pittsburgh, PA Leaning Walls Repair is necessary because the walls weren’t installed correctly. If, however, they are due to an unstable foundation, then you need to address the foundation issues before repairing your walls. In either case, calling Engineered Foundation Solutions PLLC should be your first step should you believe that you have a foundation issue. They can inspect your foundation quickly to determine whether or not it’s time for foundation repair.

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