Why you may need a car locksmith

Although car locks are locks, they are very different than the locks used in homes and commercial establishments. When you need a car locksmith in Niles you will be looking for a special person as not every locksmith has the unique skills that are needed when dealing with car locks.

Many car mechanics and electricians dabble in the service but they soon find that they are better off sticking with their skills and leaving car locksmith’s to handle these issues. There are a number of reasons why you may need a car locksmith in Niles, the top four are:

Loss of a sole car key:

Believe it or not, there are people who only have one key to their vehicle. They believe they will never misplace or lose the key; they simply cannot contemplate why they would ever need a second key. Well this all changes on the day they do lose it. Depending on the car; the make, model and year, it can be very expensive to have a duplicate key produced. When you go to the dealer, he in turn will have to call-out a car locksmith in Niles and pay him the “break in” fee. This is also true when you attempt to get a replacement key against your insurance, it will still cost you. You can eliminate this by going direct to the locksmith. As long as you can prove you own the car, the locksmith can do for you exactly what he would do for the dealer, except you save on double charges.

The remote fails:

Although remote opening and locking is convenient for the car owner, they are a pain for the car locksmith. They constantly need repairing, replacing or the batteries need changing. Many remotes are manufactured and factory sealed, the car owner cannot get access to the inner workings to change batteries so the locksmith is called upon who has the special tools to open the device.

Jammed ignition:

When you consider how many times a key is put into the ignition, the lock is turned and the key withdrawn, or how many times the key is put in the driver’s door in the absence of a remote, it should come as no surprise that keys get jammed. Not only will they get jammed, there are many cases where the key breaks off in the ignition because of the fatigue in the metal. When this happens the car locksmith in Niles must remove the broken or jammed key, usually using picks.

Locking the keys in the car:

The number one reason to need a car locksmith is when the keys are locked in the car. There really are only two solutions, one is to break a side window to gain access, and the other is to call the locksmith. The locksmith is far less expensive and the car is not left open to the elements before the window is replaced.