Why to Buy Home Insurance from a Local Knoxville TN Agency

Huge, coast-to-coast insurance companies are constantly vying for our business through ads on TV and radio. Funny, fictitious spokespersons grab our attention with their crazy antics and promises of big discounts. This makes it easy to overlook the small, local insurance agency. However, it deserves a second glance. If you are looking for Home Insurance in Knoxville TN, you should know some perhaps surprising reasons to buy insurance locally: price, service, and accessibility.

It’s a myth that the availability of a personal insurance agent translates to higher prices because of commissions. Often, the small insurance agency will do more to get you the best prices, since they are a local business who cares instead of an oversized, impersonal one. Also, your local insurance agent will carefully determine exactly what type of policy and how much coverage you need for your home. He or she won’t pitch unnecessary coverage just to make a big sale.

Because your local insurance agency does have a small, personalized staff to assist you, you know you will get better service. When you call a national insurance agency, you get a different customer service representative every time. If you have to make multiple queries about a new policy or claim, you have to keep explaining the same scenario over and over. If you buy your home insurance locally, you know you can easily call the agency and speak with the same person every time. He or she makes a point to remember your name and details about your home and family, so you get the best service.

Accessibility is another reason to buy home insurance locally. In other words, if your home is difficult to insure, a local agency will be more willing to help you obtain a policy. Big insurance companies are more worried about their “bottom line”, their profits. For example, suppose you live in an older home or in an area that is prone to hurricanes, tornadoes, or other natural disasters. Your home may be viewed as too much of a risk, and a big insurance company is more likely to either refuse you a policy or charge you a ridiculously high premium. A better idea is to look locally for Home Insurance Knoxville TN. A local insurance agency could find an affordable policy for you with a little-known but dedicated insurer that you would have never found on your own.

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