Why the Best Fundraisers for Schools Include Social Media

Social Networks are very popular these days. They can be the perfect way to keep in touch with everyone you know. In fact, social media is one of the most effective ways to promote events and here are some reasons why this strategy is included in the best fundraisers of the 21st Century.

Customers across the Country

Many kids today have grandparents and relatives living in other parts of the United States and perhaps abroad. When you post a social media message you can include a special link for online shopping. All the person has to do is click the link and he or she is taken to the fundraising company website. Your link includes a unique number which gives credit to your school for the sale. You can make commission on sales from anywhere on the planet, thanks to the World Wide Web. This is one reason why the best fundraisers use the power of social media.

Tips for Getting the Most from Social Network Marketing

For greater participation, create a page just for your school fundraiser and link to it from your website and school social media page. Here are some additional tips:

 * Encourage all the kids to “like” and follow your page and ask them to get their parents involved. Most parents have busy schedules these days, but they probably have time to go online to your page, as they check their emails and visit their social networks.

 * Post frequent updates and keep the updates coming. This is the best way to contact everyone who is following your page. Your followers receive automatic email alerts when you post on the social media page.

 * Promote your event before it happens. The best fundraisers have countdowns to let participants know they are coming soon. This can help to create anticipation and excitement.

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