Why Should Choose A Granite Countertop in Wisconsin

The popularity of granite countertops has exploded in recent years. You can use granite in almost every room of your home, due to the many colors and designs that are available. Here are a few key reasons why you should pick granite for your countertop in Wisconsin.

Granite is made from stone, which makes it very durable and tough. It ranks second in durability, only to diamonds in their rawest form. If the countertops are properly installed, they should last you a lifetime. If you ever replace the granite, it will be because you want a new look and not because they are worn. The granite is chip and scratch resistant, which makes it a great option for your kitchen. Also, if you ever have to sit a hot pan on the granite, it will not melt or warp like laminate Countertop in Wisconsin will.

Low Maintenance
If the granite countertops are sealed by a professional, like Stone Innovations, then the maintenance required will be very minimal. Also properly sealing the granite will allow your countertops to be stain resistant, as well as resistant against bacteria. Usually, you can use a little soap and water to clean the countertops, which will restore them to their original shine. Also no matter what gets spilled on the countertop, you never have to worry about stains taking away from the beauty of the granite.

Home Value
By installing a new set of granite countertops, you will increase the value of your home. This increase in value is due to the beauty and class that granite offers. Generally, if someone comes to look at a home with granite in it, they automatically think elegance and luxury.

Although the cost of new granite countertops can be expensive, you should look at it as a long term investment. If you were to install laminate countertops, you could be replacing them within 10 to 15 years. But with granite, you can expect to receive at least 30 years of service. Although people try to retain the look of granite by using quartz or soapstone, most people are able to tell the real granite from the imposters.