Why Oil Changes Are Important

Exactly what is an oil change for and why are oil changes so important? Simply put, oil is used in vehicles to lubricate the instruments. The lubrication is important to stop friction, mainly because an engine is designed with elements rubbing against each other to generate energy. Since an engine demands so much use from oil, ultimately the substance of the motor oil will break down and can no longer provide proper lubrication. Without lubrication, this can cause engine parts to rub against each other which can cause severe damage to a vehicle. Therefore, the old oil must be drained and fresh, new oil needs to be added to ensure proper lubrication.

How Often Should You Have Your Oil Changed?

The average suggested interval is every 3 to 6 thousand miles. However, there are a few factors that can alter that estimation. For instance, synthetic oil has a longer lifecycle than conventional oil which allows more time between oil changes. In addition, if you spend most of the time on heavy stop-and-go traffic, you are causing more of a strain on your engine and may need your oil changed sooner. In order to help the health of your engine and to keep your vehicle running smoothly, it is best to have the oil changed regularly. When it comes to oil changes in Davenport IA area, it is recommended to choose a well-reputed service center like Bi-State Auto who has ASE certified technicians. Professional technicians go beyond just changing the oil in your automobile.

What to Expect During an Oil Change Includes:

  • Quality Filter and Oil Used
  • Grease the Chassis
  • Visual Inspect of Battery
  • Check Belts, Lights and Wiper Blades
  • Check Air Filter
  • Inspect Wiring, Hoses and Belts
  • Check Tire Pressure and Inspect Tire Condition
  • Inspect all Fluids- Transmission, Steering, Windshield Washer, Anti-Freeze and Brake
  • Inspect Engine Compartment for Leaks

Small Bucks to Save Big Bucks

An oil change is an affordable service that all automobiles need. By having the oil changed regularly you are saving your engine from enormously costly repairs in the future. Think of it as preventative medicine for your vehicle. For more information about quality oil changes, contact Bi-State Auto by visiting their website today.

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