Why It’s a Good Idea to Use a Shop that Specializes in Fleet and Truck Repair in Pueblo, CO

If you’ve ever gotten your truck back from the mechanic only to have it break down again a few days later, you have learned the main problem with cheap fixes: They don’t last. The next time you take the vehicle in for service, don’t go for a “quick and dirty” shop. Instead, take it to one that only does solid, long-lasting repairs. Hinkle’s Fleet and Auto of Pueblo, CO is one such truck repair shop. They make sure that their repairs are good and that they’ll stay good mile after mile.

Another thing to look for when seeking truck repair in Pueblo, CO is a shop that has a high amount of experience with trucks. Though many of their parts are the same as those in cars, there are also important differences. One difference is simply the size of the vehicle. Adjusting the suspension of a large truck, fixing the steering, and other such jobs requires taking the vehicle size into account so that everything works the way it should. Another difference is that many trucks run on diesel. While some cars use diesel fuel, a mechanic that focuses on smaller vehicles won’t run into it nearly as often as one that focuses on trucks. Therefore, the truck mechanic is your best bet for issues involving diesel engines and fuel systems.

Those who have entire fleets of trucks have even more unique needs than people who have one or two. Along with needing occasional truck repair in Pueblo, CO, they also need a shop that can handle standard maintenance on the entire fleet and get the jobs done quickly. Oil changes, lubrication, and routine checkups may need to be done for three trucks or 20. For this reason, fleet owners need to seek a shop that focuses on fleet maintenance as well as one-off repairs. Fortunately, companies like Hinkle’s are set up to do this work in an efficient way so that you can get all of your vehicles serviced without too much downtime. To get the best service, you should make an appointment to bring your fleet in. This will allow the maintenance to be handled smoothly so that you can keep your trucks on the road until there is actually an opening.

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