Why is Acupuncture used in Mainstream Treatment for Pain Relief?

by | Sep 30, 2011 | Health Care

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Acupuncture and other practices are more in demand for treating many ailments in society today. A generation earlier, alternative medicine and holistic practices were treated with skepticism. As Americans become more accepting of non-Western medical techniques and therapies, yoga, acupuncture and many other non-Western remedies are increasingly gaining favor in American society. Acupuncture and some non-conventional therapies are able to treat or avert certain diseases like osteoarthritis, sciatica and tendonitis. Some evidence suggests that the ancient Chinese practice is useful in the treatment of fibromyalgia. Unlike Western medicine, this 2500 year old practice is concerned with the unblocking and realignment of your body’s energy flow through proper paths (meridians). Surprisingly painless in the hands of a competent professional, this ancient technique can alleviate or nullify pain consequential from many ailments resulting in:

* Pain reduction

* Reduced swelling

* Restoration of healthy energy flow

* Illness prevention and health promotion

* Treatment of tension- , stress- and emotion related disorders

* Treatment of headaches, low back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, tendonitis, sciatica, osteoarthritis

Clinical research has been conducted in US to study the localized effects of traditional orthodox acupuncture, electro acupuncture and laser acupuncture as also exploiting brain imaging techniques to show the effect of the treatment. It has been shown that acupuncture affects structures in the limbic system involved in the affective/suffering of pain. Acupuncture has been proven to substantially decrease pain intensity in certain areas of the body. It has found endorsement for treating persistent back pain and for reducing post operative pain. Some evidence points to the positive effect of acupuncture as an antiemetic in controlling nausea after surgery.

Incidence of pain related suffering is on the increase. Over the counter medication is addictive and harmful to the body over prolonged use. Many patients are today opting for alternative solutions to pain management, including physical therapy, chiropractic therapy and acupuncture. Acupuncture has seen some success in pain management and is commonly used for its analgesic qualities in most physical rehabilitation centers. It is difficult to assess the exact efficacy of acupuncture as it appears the analgesic effects of the treatment are evident long after the session ends. MRI scans of the brain have proved that use of this ancient technique does change resting-side brain activity that may account for its pain-relieving and other therapeutic benefits. Many common physical rehabilitation centers offer acupuncture. Philadelphia residents can consult their doctor or physical rehab professionals on how they can benefit from a session.

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