Why Green Burial Sites in Indianapolis, IN Are Becoming Popular

Millions of earth-friendly Indiana resident work hard to reduce pollution and conserve natural resources. They do this through recycling, installing solar panels, and, in some cases, choosing Green Burial Sites in Indianapolis IN. Funeral professionals like Leppert Mortuary are also making the practice popular by providing a range of benefits.

Green Pre-Planning Saves Money

Funeral professionals offer eco-friendly pre-planning services that offer many benefits as well as peace of mind. They know that their wishes will be carried out faithfully at the time of death, saving loved ones from having to make arrangements during times of grief. Pre-planning any funeral offers financial advantages, since clients who pay for their arrangements often get locked-in prices that will not rise, no matter how much prices have risen by the time of their death. However, when they choose green funerals, are generally offered earth-friendly packages that can include burial or cremation. Either plan includes plantable programs, seed packets, a memorial service, a biodegradable casket, and paperless online guest books. An urn is included in each cremation plan.

Eco-Friendly Burials Serve the Land

The popularity of Green Burial Sites in Indianapolis IN is partially due to concerns about adding chemicals to the ground. In traditional services that include viewing, bodies are embalmed. Once they are buried, their bodies degrade and chemical preservatives can seep into the earth. In contrast, green services do not involve embalming. Bodies are interred in biodegradable shrouds, blankets, or caskets. Burial sites are natural and environmentally friendly. Over time bodies become part of the earth and feed it native plants and trees. Some services include tree or flower plantings.

Earth-Friendly Services Can Be Traditional

Despite the fact that eco-friendly services do not involve embalming, they can include traditional services, programs, services, and memorials. Although cremation is not as eco-friendly as natural burials, it can be included in a green funeral and the urn may be present during services.

As people become more concerned about saving the earth, many of them choose green funerals. They opt to have their unembalmed bodies interred in natural settings, where they can become part of the eco-system. Funeral professionals offer a variety of green options and can tailor services to client needs.

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