Why Get Dentures in Honolulu

A denture is part restoration and part prevention, something that improves your daily life and preserve your smile. There are plenty of reasons why someone would need Dentures in Honolulu. Many people have lost teeth due to severe trauma, while others lose teeth to poor oral hygiene. The only way you can be sure this treatment is for you is by contacting your local dentist and scheduling a consultation.

The consequences of getting dentures

* A fixed prosthesis strengthens a tooth.

* It can also replace one or more missing teeth.

* It allows for better masticatory functions, which are important for overall health: avoid digestive disorders, movement of other teeth. Aesthetic function is improved by the shape, color and alignment of teeth.

What types of dentures are there?

A fixed prosthesis collects and builds on the existing teeth. A removable prosthesis is achieved when there is not a sufficient amount of dental support. In some cases, an implant, a small piece of metal fixed in the bone during surgery, may be an anchor point for a fixed or removable prosthesis. The choice of a prosthesis depends on the number of teeth to replace materials used.

* Partial dentures are retained by hooks or attachments.

* Full dentures operate on the principle of the juxtaposition (actual position) of two identical surfaces between the gum and the plate, creating a phenomenon of “adhesive suction”. This type of prosthesis requires very careful actions. For these prostheses, the diction is sometimes changed for several days. After this time, and under the supervision of your dentist, the prosthesis can be repaired or modified.

What material?

Several types of prostheses can be offered according to the materials used and the number of teeth to be replaced. Some prostheses have a resin base, while others are made from a cast metal plate. The metal is needed for strength; it allows for thinner plates. For partial devices, there needs to be a reduction in the contact surface in respect to the gums around the remaining teeth. The resin allows cheaper costs too. It is especially suitable for temporary devices that are required at the time of extraction. For more information on dentures in Honolulu, contact your local dentist.

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